Drake “The Soul Singer” … Revenge of The Light Skinned Keith Sweat

Toronto’s “soul“ leader has manifested himself in the form of a half black and Jewish light skinned cat that raps and sings. Not only does he rap and sing, but he does it very well… merging gritty, slick bars with beautiful melodies. From the home of Glenn Lewis, Deborah Cox, Tamia and so many other Canadian artists, Drake have found a sound that comforts the soul. We often limit soul music to a specific sound and look, but Drake has soul and it comes out in his songs that flirt between the worlds of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. It might be interpreted in an entirely different way, but yet it still is filled with immense emotion and feeling. Here are a couple of songs that have soul and represent how expression goes beyond music genre lines.

I figured there would be some haters, so we had to give you some joints from Drake. Drake has lyrics, which show vulnerability. He also has the ability to smoothly mix melodies and lyrics in a way that just feels good. You have to admit, this brother has some soul.

Do you think Drake has soul?

Do you think that he can be considered an R&B artist at times?

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