Pusha T Talks Being From Virginia, Taking Music Around The World, and Music Style

In a recently released interview, Pusha T sat down with Complex's Noah Callan-Bever in Jamaica while shooting the music video for "Blocka." He discussed not being a boxed in artist, his musical style, and label pressures among other things.

Pusha T begins the interview by talking about the pros and cons of being a Virginian in the industry, "Like I love it, it gives me a sense of… drive. And just you know it keeps me determined. A lot of people from where I'm from they they want to be artists, and they want to be producers. A lot of people get caught up in the Virginia box of it, and it's like man we can't talk about just Virginia,"

He then goes on to say that this idea of being boundary less inspired the setting of the "Blocka" visual, "That's why where out here. I coulda easily shot this record, I coulda shot Blocka in Virginia; anywhere I wanted to shoot it. But it's like man you know, this is the music business, I wanna show my people from home how big this thing spans, like I'm in Jamaica right now. People know that I'm all over the world."

His then goes on to describe how is environment can affect his music.

In regards to his musical style Pusha had this to say, "I may be dated, but at the end of the day that's what I'll always strive for to recreate that because I won't make any music that just has me stepping out of my zone,"

He then goes on to discuss his relationships with Pharrell and Kanye and how they work. Peep Part 1 of the interview below.

This interview is part of the "My Name Is My Name" documentary.