Lea Robinson Talks Grandmother Sylvia Robinson, Learning The Game, More

Lea Robinson’s inner glow and positive spirit is absolutely infectious. She has something that the normal person doesn’t and you feel it when she walks into a room, smiles and most importantly sings. Lea is no stranger to the music industry being the granddaughter of the late Sylvia Robinson aka the “Mother of Hip Hop” who was Founder/CEO of the legendary record label Sugar Hill Records. Classics like “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang and “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash &the Furious Five were songs which Lea’s grandmother was responsible for and that ear for music must have rubbed off on the young and beautiful Lea. Lea describes her style of music as unorthodox pop but it is not hard to tell that she has been heavily influenced by Hip Hop and R&B. Lea took the time to sit down with us and talk about everything from her amazing boyfriend, her grandmother, learning the game, some of her favorite things and more.

K2 … Literally it was a blessing from God to find my producer, K2. God blessed me with someone that had the time and the patient for me to find my sound.

Happy Sound… I’m a happy person with a lot of emotions to share with the world. Finding my sound came from me figuring out who I really was. When I truly realized who I was as an individual it was easier to understand who I was as an artist.

The Queen … I’m an unorthodox soulful talented queen.

Grandmother Showed Me the Game … Well; luckily I got to see the ups and downs of the industry by watching my grandmother and family run a label. A lot of artists today do not know what it takes to be successful in this industry. Most artists lack the knowledge of the business. Watching my grandmother and being exposed to what I have been exposed to has helped to shape and mold me. I know what I want so I’m going to grind and go after it.

Happiness Within … Happiness starts within me! I don’t leave my happiness in the hands of others because they take it with them when they leave. You can’t leave happiness in the hands of things and people. You have to be happy with yourself even if you are going through certain things or if you are single.

The Zone … I’m a writer and I am also a Gemini too so I can put myself in that creative zone which helps me bring people into my world using lyrics.

Higher … I believe it’s my single, “Higher” which is the song me and my producer worked on together … I wrote it and he produced it. I was so in love with the song I couldn’t reference it. My voice is dope on the track. I know how to make my voice sound different. This song is my baby! People told me I would be a fool to give that song up. We released it and we haven’t gotten a negative comment on the song yet. I’m not tired of it after listen to it a million times. It’s my baby.

Life’s Inspirations … Life inspires me; people around me also inspire me. I see my parents and friends go through things in life and I put it in my music.

Exclusive Audience … I would say my grandmother groomed me to be an artist. I used to perform for Ron Isley when I was young because he used to live across the street.

I Heart Music … I love Korean music, heavy metal and def metal. Paramore are amazing and I love Beyonce’s performances.

Legacy … When it is all said and done I want to be able to have performed at the Superbowl, have received 15 Grammy Awards as a writer and as a producer and I want to have stability. I also want to be able to purchase my mother a house. I don’t admirer cars or any of that stuff. I don’t need all the extra materials, once I have my family and they are happy I am happy. I will not stop until that happens.

Unorthodox Pop … I created my own genre of music. I would call it unorthodox pop … it just feels good.

Last Words … I wasn’t there when my grandmother passed away. Her last words were, “where is Lea … where is Lea? That is one moment that I wish I were there. I have a song for her, which I sang a snippet of at the funeral. However, it needs to be finished. I need time in a cave alone to work on that song. That is a song that I do not need anyone’s opinion on. I have to be in the right space to finish that song though.

What I Don’t Like … I hate obnoxious gum chewing or food chewing. I went to a restaurant in LA and a guy snapped his fingers at a waiter. I wanted to slap him. It makes me upset when people are rude. I gave him a nice long stare.

Where You Are Going … You have to know where you come from to know where you are going. I had to study what my family contributed to the music game to help me know my place in it. Everyone wants to be number one but they don’t know what it takes to be number one. You have to respect everyone that came in front of you.

Talking to My Young Ladies … You have to be classy at all times! I know my worth as a female and artist. I don’t need to show my boobs or butt … I still get the same amount of likes on Instagram as these dancers. When you are on Instagram showing everything off it shows you don’t value yourself as a queen. Stop giving these guys a free pass … you have to know yourself worth and make sure others know it too.

Strip Right Now … Whoever wants to listen will get the message. Everyone has his or her own expectation. If stripping makes you happy you better slide down that poll. If it makes them happy do you … it’s not my life. I wouldn’t let my child go out and strip.


Dance … I like twerking! I wrote the handbook on twerking. But before twerking I was a ballerina.

Music Genre … I love Korean pop!

Restaurant … Simply Seafood in Englewood, New Jersey. I’m not saying it because I get free food but because they make the best platters of salmon and veggies. I also love Carmine’s which serves Italian food and Wokcano’s in LA.

Sweets … I love cupcakes.

TV Shows … True Blood and Family guy.

Color … Red.

Artist … Myself friends Eric Bellinger and Sonyae Elise

Song … Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing or Van Halen’s Jump

Gangsta … Tupac … Pac was very free and open with his thoughts and feelings.

Something I Say … “Keep God first.”