Maino Weighs In On Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” and the “New York System”

Maino was very clear in addressing a lot of issues that N.Y.C has been having as a systemm. He talked about NYC not breaking rappers and not spearheading their own movement. Check out Maino as he weighs in on Kendrick's "Control".

“I feel that Kendrick’s Control is good … it’s good it happened. We did a lot of d*ck sucking and cock licking for a long time. We lost our culture. There is no such thing as a New York sound no more. Here is a dude that had a #1 album come from Cali and sell out Roseland Ballroom. He gets more spins then New York rappers in New York. If I were doing that in LA I would be the king of LA too. “

How do you feel? Is this true?