Lupe Fiasco – SLR 2 (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Hip-hop hasn’t had a good beef in a while, but Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” sent shockwaves through the hip-hop universe when he called out (by name) a bunch the industry’s hottest rappers. Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale, Push T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Tyler, Mac Miller and even his partners on the track, Big Sean and Jay Electronica.

It was only a matter of time before responses would start surfacing, and Lupe Fiasco is one of the first to fire back with “SLR (Super Lupe Rap) 2”, saying things like “Nigga you ain’t Nas, Nigga you ain’t Jay-Z / You will respect me, you will reject me / But I’ve done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me.”

Ding ding ding! It’s beef time!