9 Things Kelly Rowland Thinks About When She is Relaxing

Kelly Rowland has come into her own this year with steamy videos and songs that have shown another side of her. She has officially stepped out of the shadow of Beyonce and we are oh so very happy because she has so much to offer. She has a mind of her own and we were able to put together a nice graphic to show what she is thinking about at this very moment.

Here are a couple things she might be thinking as we speak:

**Note: We may never know what she is thinking, but we can always dream.

She might be thinking about these things and she may not but what we do know is she is talented and we want her to continue to do her own thing. We do still want a Destiny's Child album.

Are we being greedy lol?

What are some things that you think Kelly Rowland is thinking about?

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