5 Ways Joseline Knows How to Get a Ring In This Day and Age

Hate if you want bi$%$es, but Joseline Hernandez just got "Stebie" to put a ring on it. You might be saying who wants Stevie J's lying, cheating a$$ anyway and I will answer. There are many thirsty women that wouldn’t mind the spotlight and to sit on their a$$ … looking cute. Money makes the world go round and he has a couple dollars to spend on his lady. But back to the matter at hand … Joseline was able to get married because she understands how to get a man in this day and age. She went from the stripper pole to a wedding ring. Damn … she must have some good stuff.

Stevie told Clutch Magazine how things were working out. He seemed pretty excited. “There’s some jealousy there but I don’t believe there’s enough to where there would be a problem. Joseline is my wife now, and Mimi is the mother of my child. Not a whole lot can be done. But I can make sure that Mimi will always be good. That’s not going to change. But I’m married now — I’m married now!”

He adds: “She’s got the best f—— man in the whole world.”

Joseline must be doing something right if Stevie is that excited. That wedding will be eventful … I need an invite lol.

Anyway, here are five reasons Joseline was able to pull it off.

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