Chief Keef Ordered to Pay $230K After Concert and Court No Show

After a two month stint in juvi for violating parole and a child support lawsuit, rapper Chief Keef has been ordered to payout $230,019 due to missing a concert in London. Keef was set to perform on December 29, 2012 and when he decided not to show up, Team Major — the promotional company associated with the concert — decided to sue for damages. $75,000 to be exact.

Like the concert, Keef was also a no show at the court proceedings for 4 months. Due to his absence the court was forced to rule in Team Major’s favor. The judge ordered Chief Keef to pay for damages, loss of wages, and any harm Keef’s absence may have caused to Team Major’s reputation.

Hopefully Chief Keef learns that it’s not good to skip out on shows, after all he is out of $230,000.