Scotty Rebel Talks About Her Sex Being A Weapon, The Bronx, The Industry and More

There is new music coming out everyday. It's on the radio, television, in the streets, and in the club, but it all doesn't have that energy and feeling. Scotty Rebel is sexy and full of that raw and uncut Bronx bred energy and excitement. The gorgeous yet gritty singer has hit the scene and is not taking no for an answer. Her style is reminiscent of Aaliyah with a touch of Foxy Brown. She is an enthralling balance of the streets and beauty. We had the opportunity to chop it up with her about everything from growing up in the Bronx to looking for a man that could handle her. Check it out.

Getting It Poppin' … I'm working on my album and my EP. I have a lot of dope music … a lot of fire. I have a lot of dope writers and producers on the album. My music is bringing back that thing. There is no excitement in the game right now.

Influencers … I listen to artists like Janet Jackson, Pink, Gwen Stefani and Jay-Z. I like artists that have an eclectic vibe and that are not in one box. They are artists that go beyond genres and boundaries.

It Started At 8 … I have been passionate about this music since the age of 8. People started to recognize my skills around the age of 15.

BX Borough … There are a lot of stories behind the Bronx so there is a big connection between the music and my home … Soundview. I am just an around the way chick from the hood and I'm real.

Rebel's SEX … Yes, my sex might just be … a weapon. It just might be. LOL

Power of the "P" – Of course the "P" makes the world go round. It drives men crazy.

Money, Power & Respect … The dollar is the root of all evil … it is everything and nothing at the same time.

My Ex-Boyfriends … They would say I'm a nut. They would say I'm crazy and that they want me back.

Qualities In A Man … I look for CONFIDENCE. I want someone to make me feel like I'm the girl. I usually tend to be a little overbearing. They(men) are not used to it. They are used to a girl that is shy. I look for a guy that can take charge.

French Montana For New Single "Bang" … The reason I picked French Montana is because he is from the Bronx. I was feeling his music and he had a dope vibe. Rico Love also had him in mind for a feature.

Rico "The Producer" … Rico was dope every since I started working with him. We have great chemistry in the studio … It has been dope working with him so far.

My Guilty Pleasure … My guilty pleasures would be eating great foods and of course shopping.

My Style … I would describe my style as crazy, sexy and cool.

Tools For The Music Game … You have to have a lot of patience and thick skin. You also have to be able to deal with a lot of different personalities and different people. I been in the game for three years so I have learned a lot.

In The Future … When it is all said and done, I want to have at least six platinum albums, have traveled the world and left a good impression on people. I want to motivate and inspire the people that listen to my music.

All Around The World … I would like to visit places like the United Kingdom as well as Africa.

Candy Girl … I love the blue Mike & Ikes!

Dance Hall Queen … I think my favorite dance is the heel toe.

Nightlife … I like to go to Greenhouse on their gay and lesbian night. I like to see the drag queens act crazy

My Favorite Phrase … "You already know."

Watch the music video for Scotty Rebel's single "Bang" Ft. French Montana