Ro James Talks About His New Projects Coke, Cadillacs, Jack and More

Ro James has a style that is internal and shines bright. He could be in the streets or on stage, but none the less, their is something edgy and uninhabited about how he moves. It might be that he has what people call the X factor. Don't wait until he is touring or has an amazing album for you to get acquainted with this young cat that has found a way to mix the grit of the NYC streets with the style of the Mid-West. Check out Ro James breaking down the meaning behind the lyrics of his new project.

Releasing Coke, Jack & Cadillacs … It feels good because I finally get a chance to get my music out to the people. I had "Pledge" out, but it’s a different feeling to officially have a mixtape out for the people. The feedback so far has been good too.

Coke Wave … We released Coke as the first of three, but I can’t wait to get to Jack. I could have released music earlier, but I wanted it to be right.

Number 19 … We released Coke on July 19th, Jack will come out August 19th and Cadillac comes out September 19th. Everything comes out on the 19th because that's when everything began. I was 19 when I fell in love and got my first car.

El Doredo …. My first car was a Cadillac El Dorado on 100 spokes with tint. That was the barter to get me to come out to Indiana from NYC (Queens) to finish school. I was a young dude rolling around in a Cadillac.

I'm Coke & She's Jack Riding In The Lac …. Coke, Jack & Cadillacs is all about me… It is my story. I had to find a way to express who I am through my music. Coke, Jack & Cadillac represents who I am. Coke and Jack was the first drink I ever had when I was in Indiana. Cadillac, like I said before, was my first car my dad gave me. Coke is the woman and Jack is the dude. Coke is great alone and Jack is great alone, but if you put them together, it's a whole different thing. Jack represents me and Coke represents my first love. When we got together we were the illest in Indiana. But at the same time, she was putting me through mad shit. I almost had a baby by her. My mom hated her. She cheated on me and I cheated on her. Coke helped to shape who I was as Jack, which would be dark, strong and dope. She would also lay the blueprint for how I would deal with women in the future. She made me become less trusting of people in relationships. Every relationship you check back to your first love.

Journey … The journey I describe led up to now. We went on the journey together and I’m still in this Cadillac.

Addictions … Coke is also an addiction. Too much sex and drinking can cause… The song "Pledge" is realizing you have something great after the fact and then pledging to your woman that you are going to do better. Making that pledge is a commitment. All women want is that commitment.

ADIDAS … ADIDAS is a love song. It's moving past a relationship and discovering something new in someone else. You know when you meet someone new and they make you forget about your X. And all you think about is them and the way they make you feel …

From My Perspective … These are all my experiences from my perspective. My Coke was bad for me, but I couldn’t shake her. It’s what you call the Devil’s Kiss, which is something you know is bad for you but you can’t shake. If you drink, smoke or fuck too much, those could be considered the Devil's Kiss. You know it’s bad, but you can’t stop… you can’t shake it.

Indiana … I’m taking people back to Indiana. The video is in the cornfields and I’m trying to get out of Indiana, but at the end she (Coke) stops me from leaving.(Jack)

Universal Language … A lot of brothers can relate to what I am talking about in regards to relationships.

Next 3 Months … I’m ready to go on tour. I’m letting people know my story and letting them know that it is real. We are going to stay true to being organic and are going to be doing mad shows. We want to let cats know its not just R&B. I don’t just want to do something that is just in the R&B [genre]. I want to reach out to all types of people … that is our mission for the next 3 months.

Brown Curly R&B … I think R&B has gained a negative connotation. R&B became soul, which became just brown. I never thought brown when I was listening to Jodeci or Babyface … that was just the good shit. People think you have to have curly hair to be a R&B artist.

Different … Our experiences through life, love and relationships are different so the story is different. I just wanna share my story.

I can go out and do country or rock but my foundation is R&B. As an R&B artist, I am going to introduce my perspective. R&B never left.

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