CharlieRED Opens Up About The Thoughts Behind The Video & Lyrics: Music & Greed

CharlieRED is a collective of energy, passion and pure talent embodied by Rocki Evans and Cobaine. They have been able to create a sound all their own. CharlieRED feed their fans with the music they create, pushing them to think with their thought provoking lyrics and videos. We caught up with them to talk about what they felt about that GreenGREED. Check it out.

What is greed?

Greed is excess. Greed is unbalance.

What does money represent to you?

Money represents a means to an end … a tool. Besides things, money is one of the only things in this world that can purchase time, power and freedom.

What would you do with your first million?

I have a wonderful life! It's hard to determine what I want because I already have what I love and what I need. My biggest loves are Family, Music and Traveling. I have an amazing, supportive family; I travel the world at least once a year for weeks and I LOVE what I do! The Source has always taken care of me so I have no worries. The money will come, but it will be because I don't require it to.

I've been taught well how to build wealth… if that answers your questions.

Do women and money mix? Explain.

Yes … the right woman. I can easily identify the women that want you for your money and/or success. I treat them like they treat themselves. This is hilarious, but before I started going to clubs, my mom told me, "Never buy a woman a drink that you don't know". I didn't get it until I started going out. Ha! I've been properly trained to deal with all opportunists.

In your journey as an artist, how has money helped or hurt relationships thus far?

Money hasn't been our fuel… belief has been more than anything. I don't feel like money has hurt us at all. Our future is bright though and I always tell Rocki that we don't need a huge budget or a huge studio to make what we make. It has only been Rocki and I in the studio when we make these records, and no matter how much money we get, I never want to change that. The energy you feel when you hear our music is Pure, Real and True because of this… that's all that matters: Rocki, Cobaine and the MUSE.

When was the first time you realized money was was important? How has that moment affected you and the way you do things today?

Hmm, great question. I've been blessed with a mother that never burdened me with worldly problems as a child. I never knew we were almost evicted, that we were broke, that my mom ate the scraps that I didn't finish sometimes. She was, and is, so smart for that. I was allowed to be free from worry…and most importantly, allowed to be a child.

I still can't say that I give anything, even money, power over me. I know if I'm ever broke, I can always walk into a bodega and start sweeping the floor. Someone will feed or pay me.

Is money the root of all evil?

Evil has to exist to know good. If you understand this, then you realize that no thing is good or evil, merely your perception of it makes it what it is. That's like asking whether a chair is good or evil. It just is… Your past experiences with that chair will determine what it represents to you.

If you haven't checked out the GreenGREED video, take the time to see what these young cats are talking about.