25 Songs To Get Your Man To Say Yes To Anything You WANT

The dynamics of a relationship can be complex or so we think. At times it can seem complex but when your focus is to please and cater to your partner your partner can only return the favor.(If he doesn't he is a loser.) Ladies, this is your opportunity to cater to your man and see how that works so get out the oils, candles, rose petals, sexy lingerie and music to make him feel like he is appreciated and is someone special in your life. Here are a couple songs we cooked up to get you and your man in a great place but before we get to that list let's go over 5 things a man most likely wants:

1. $ex, $ex & &ex – You can get a man to eat out your hand if you can do this act just how he likes it. If you can teach him a thing or two that's event better. (Don't seem too professional. lol)

2. Give us our personal time. He needs time to think and relax. He may need time to do his favorite hobby or watch his favorite show or sport. It helps him not to feel trapped and frustrated.

2. Freedom to make decisions. If he wants to eat ham instead of turkey … let him. Let him make all the small decisions so you have a better chance to persuade him when it comes to the big decisions.

3. We want our woman to be sexy. Don't just be a lady but be his sexy lady. So that's where the music and lingerie come in. Make sure he remembers exactly how much more sexy you are compared to those other women out there.

4. Respect Him. This should have been number one but all of these things work together. In order to make your man happy you have to do these things right. Respect is just uplifting him and being his cheerleader. Make sure he knows you respect him by the way you talk to him and treat him.

5. Talk to him and let him know how you feel. Men are not great at figuring out things using complicated clues. He needs you to break it down for him.

Catering to your man has many steps but a night filled with amazing music and other fun activities is a step in the right direction. Nothing sooths the soul more and gets you more in the mood than music. make it a night to remember. (If you can do these things right he will say yes more often.)

What are some songs we missed that you may use to get you and your partner in the mood?

(Relax… songs are not in a specific order.)

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