5 Reasons Why Teyana Taylor Is Hustling The Music Game

Brooklyn keep on taking it, but Harlem keep on making it. This stands true for this boss lady named Teyana Taylor that has been able to hustle the hustlers, design the designers and pimp the pimps in the entertainment and fashion game. This young lady with a killer body and hair to die for was first seen by most on MTV’s "My Super Sweet 16" before it was aired that she was signed with Pharrell Williams. Some people at that time didn’t know what she did and people still probably don’t know what she does, specifically now. But what will be said is whatever it is, she sure makes it look damn good. Teyana Taylor has made great strides and been cosigned by the best without even dropping an album. Jay-Z had "Reasonable Doubt" but they still doubted him as Tupac and Biggie reigned supreme in the mid 90s. Nas was changing the game lyrically with the classic "Illmatic" amongst a gang of other albums, but people are still questioning him. Lauryn Hill rocked out with the Fugees for "The Score" and then hit the world over the head with "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". Mary J. Blige, with the help of Puff, was able show us how to mix Soul and Hip Hop with "What's The 411?". The fact of the matter is the greats had that first album that put a stamp on their music and their brand. I guess Ms. Taylor is teaching us how to hustle the game in the new millennium. Here are some accomplishments she has been able to get done before a freshman album:

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