5 Reasons The BET Experience Is a Good Idea

Music has changed immensely since the Internet shook things up. But the energy people feel when they experience an artist live is still a powerful way to grab the attention of fans. It is an intimate exchange of thoughts, feelings and emotions. BET hit the nail on the head this year as they rocked out for a weekend of tangible entertainment that should provide memories for many for years to come.

The BET Experience was filled with some of the hottest acts out now. The actors, actresses, singers, rappers, comedians all came out to have a great time. Fans also had the opportunity to enjoy the events with the new BET Experience, which included everything from a film fest to live music performances (Beyonce performed on Friday June 28) to the BET Awards.

Don't get us wrong, this was the inaugural year of this event and there definitely needs to be some improvements, but we will focus on the good. Check out five reasons why this was a great idea!

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