The Next Destiny’s Child: Kelly Rowland and Simon Cowell Talk ‘X Factor’

Will this year's "X Factor USA" competition lead to the rise of a new female group better than Destiny's Child?

According to Kelly Rowland and Simon Cowell, that is a possibility that they'd welcome with open arms.

"As wonderful as it was to be a part of Destiny's Child, we gotta find somebody who's better than Destiny's Child. Each generation is supposed to be better than the one before," Kelly Rowland told press during a press conference last week.

Fresh off putting together successful female group Fifth Harmony, Simon Cowell says Fifth Harmony can pave the way for a possible resurgence in girl groups in the U.S..

"We haven't seen probably since Destiny's Child a girl band being really successful in this country and I am surprised," Cowell said. "That will pave the way for other artists like that."

"X Factor USA" returns this Fall on FOX.