Eric Bellinger Talks Strip Club With Usher, Making Fine China, Compton and More

Songwriting is an art that many people don’t have the ability to do. Being a singer-songwriter is a step above and it separates the men from the boys. Eric Bellinger has pimped his pen out to the best in the business such as Usher and Chris Brown. He is making his way as a singer-songwriter and we had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him about his big moments, Influences, Motivation, and more.

Magic Moment … One of the craziest groupie/strip club moment is when I walked into the strip club with Usher. It’s like time stood still. All the girls, I mean the DOPEST girls were running to his section. When they got there he said, “ make sure he is taken care of.” LOL!!! It was epic!!!

Creative Control … I listen to the track. The track normally tells me the direction of the song. When I feel where it is going then I lay the melody down first … most of the time. Once I'm done, I'll fill in the words. Some songs that I have written that you might be familiar with are Justin Bieber’s “Right Here”, Usher's “Lemme See” and Chris Brown's “Fine China”.

Style … I would describe my fashion as iconic, Versace/Urban [laughs]. My musical style is laid back…hard drums, 808's with smooth chords.

Influences … I love Brandy because her voice is incredible. Usher is dope and I have always looked up to him when I was growing up. Of course Michael Jackson has always been one of my influences because he's the best to ever do it

Legacy … I'd like for people to respect me as a person as well as an artist. I'd like to be known as one of the greats like Micheal Jackson, Usher, and R. Kelly. I want to be remembered amongst those names.

I’m the Real Deal … Right after high school I realized this music thing was real.

Advice … My advice to those hustling in this game would be to keep going and never stop trying. You have to make sure to build a team that believes in you and never look back.

Motivation … I'm just a motivated person naturally so I'm always motivated to do bigger and better things.

Feeling It On Stage … The feelings I have on stage are indescribable! I love the energy of the fans responding to the music. I love hearing them sing the music. It is one of the best feelings in the world.

Life without Music … If I wasn’t cooking up this music I would probably be playing football.

After Hours … Right after a show I like to fall into a great restaurant.

My City … The best city on earth is on the west coast …L.A., Compton. There's no place like home. Our weather is great and we have good looking women. What else can you ask for?

Surprise … Surprise … Something that people would be surprised about is that I'm a genuinely nice dude.

The New … I respect cats like Elijah Blake, Sevyn, Aroc and Rhyon. They are all just young new talent that are all bringing a new level of dopeness to the game.

If you’ve been rocking to Chris Brown's "Fine China" then you’ve been indirectly enjoying the creativity of Eric Bellinger. This dude is talented and has the hunger to be successful.