Lydia Caesar Talks Being Real, New Album, Loving Emeli Sande, Her Colorful Style, More

Lydia Caesar’s music is about color and expression. She paints a picture when she writes her songs and watching her perform is like witnessing a work of art. With her new album, “CAESAR,” and videos such as “St. Louis” premiering on 106 & Park ,Caesar seems to be finding her way in the music industry. This independent songstress knows what she wants and knows how to sing it. Check out Lydia as she talks about everything from eating out with her boo to telling her story on the stage.

In The Creative Mind … My creative writing process varies. It’s never the same, but mostly the melodies come first then a concept. Once I have both of those, I begin to tell my story. “St.Louis”, “Lottery” and “The Most Beautiful” are three songs from my debut album “CAESAR” that I am beyond proud of.

"“St.Louis” is a love song, but it is paying tribute to the man being from some place far away from where I was. Some place unexpected, in this case it was St.Louis. "I'd kiss every mile that brought him my way"."

"“Lottery” is a song about comparing falling for somebody to winning the lottery… basically hitting the love lotto. It's filled with metaphors and it’s a fun song. "I hit the jackpot I'm done, cash my check you're the one"."

There is nothing better then a real person and artist. Lydia seems to have an organic and real spirit that comes out in her music.

"“The Most Beautiful” is about a breakup. Break ups aren't always bad, sometimes they can be beautiful and very necessary. "This is the most beautiful breakup, the most gorgeous heartache of my life"."

My style … is very colorful. I love wearing bright colors and putting different patterns together. Lots of my performance pieces are custom made; I design them and my seamstress makes them for me. I also rock a signature bow. I make the bows all myself. You will most likely see a bow in my hair EVERY time that you see me, and I made all of them. Lol. My music is colorful as well … bright and full of energy. I tell stories with my music, strong concepts and very descriptive. It's fun, and always full of passion.

Influences … Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston… the greats who came before me influence me the most. They came from a time where music was so honest and pure. I grew up wanting to be them, wanting to sing their songs. Naturally, they influenced me the most. I also love some current artists too like Beyonce, Adele and Emeli Sande.

Legacy … I want my legacy to be that I was full of love, inspiration and passion. That I treated people with kindness no matter who they were and that my music changed people's lives for the better.

So You Know Its Real … My first real paid gig was about 4 years ago. I was booked to sing in Morocco for a month. It wasn't all my own songs, mainly covers…but that's when I knew it was real. I knew it was real for a second time this past February. My music video for "St.Louis" played on 106 & Park. For an independent artist….that says a lot about your product. It was probably my proudest moment thus far.

Advice to the Wise … STAY THE COURSE & HAVE A PLAN!!! Don't let the lows discourage you. This journey is FILLED with both highs and lows. Learn to see the Good/God in everything and it'll make it all that much easier. Also, surround yourself with dream builders, not crushers. F&*% people who don't share your dream….u don't need them.

My Village is … My daughter, my love for music and my fans. This is what I HAVE to do. I was born to do this. After almost every single show, someone comes up to me and tells me not to quit. That says and means a lot to me.

On The Stage … It’s like magic. The connection I feel when I'm on stage is unreal. I feel so comfortable and happy. People in the room are no longer strangers, we’re all friends and I'm sharing. It's special. It's my favorite part of doing music in my career.

If I wasn’t a Singer … I'm an artist so most likely fashion full time. I design earrings and bows and I even sell them. But it's definitely second to my music. If I wasn't a singer, I'd be doing more of that full time.

Dranks & Grub … I like going to any great late night restaurant with my man! Yummm. Lol. On show days I barely eat at ALL (so much stress and preparation) so afterwards I usually go grub down and have a few dranks for fun.

Favorite City … New York City….DUH. And why?? Because it’s the greatest city in the world… point blank period!

What the People Like … EVERYTHING!!! lol. No, mostly my personality, and my style. People love how honest my personality is. It comes through in my songs and even on stage.

Love & Pain … Love is something too amazing to explain and pain is as similar, but the opposite extreme. They are both so intense and one makes the other even more meaningful. I've been blessed. Love has been very kind to me, my album “CAESAR” is a reflection of that. My song "St.Louis" is SUCH a love song and it came from a real place when I wrote it. The video is a classic love story too. However, songs like "The Most Beautiful" show that I've dealt with my share of pain as well.

Artists I’m Watching … OMG!!! I'm completely OBSESSED with Emeli Sande right now. She is brilliant. Her vocal and writing style is just perfect. I'm loving her.

Standing Out From the Crowd … The fact that I never have and I never will feel the need or desire to be like anybody else separates me from the rest. In an industry full of facades and smoke & mirrors, I'm one of the realist people you will get to know. I share it ALL. The good and the bad of me, after all, that's what makes the story complete. :)

She's ready for the world to hear her from the greatest city in the world, NYC. Her upbeat style and energy is just what people need going into the summer. Check out Lydia Caesar.