8 LHHATL Quotes To Help You Deal With Difficult Situations

Reality television has been the best source for funny and juicy quotes that you can feel free to say to your boo as well as your enemies during those difficult situations. Joseline, K. Michelle, Stevie J, Scrappy amongst other reality show celebs have the gift of the gab and we freakin' love it lol! Joseline said, "I don’t talk to the help.” (Awesome!) This line was in reference to tattooed new comer Che Mack. She was able to quickly keep away someone that she did not want to deal with one quick line. Is it me or does Joseline say all the right things the wrong way (I still love it.) Here are eight quotes we picked up from the show.

Regardless, who you are dealing with. It is important to have great communication skills. So why not have the fine ladies and gentlemen from Love & Hip Hop give us some tips.

What have been some of your favorite lines thus far in Love & Hip Hop history?

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