8 LHHATL Quotes To Help You Deal With Difficult Situations

Reality television has been the best source for funny and juicy quotes that you can feel free to say to your boo as well as your enemies during those difficult situations. Joseline, K. Michelle, Stevie J, Scrappy amongst other reality show celebs have the gift of the gab and we freakin' love it lol! Joseline said, "I don’t talk to the help.” (Awesome!) This line was in reference to tattooed new comer Che Mack. She was able to quickly keep away someone that she did not want to deal with one quick line. Is it me or does Joseline say all the right things the wrong way (I still love it.) Here are eight quotes we picked up from the show.

Regardless, who you are dealing with. It is important to have great communication skills. So why not have the fine ladies and gentlemen from Love & Hip Hop give us some tips.

What have been some of your favorite lines thus far in Love & Hip Hop history?

I Miss You

I Miss You

Stevie J – “I miss you.” Why not end on a sensitive note? I miss you can soften the hardest hearts. However, saying this phrase is all about timing. Make sure your timing is on point.

Let's do this like Brudus

Let’s do this like Brudus

Che Mack – “Let’s do this like Brudus.” I guess this was just said because Che Mack was drunk and it rhymed. However, this is a great line to motivate your friend or significant other when they may be down. This line is all about overcoming obstacles and encouraging them.

Why have second tier when you can have the penthouse

Why have second tier when you can have the penthouse

Stevie J – “Why have second tier when you can have the penthouse.” This is just about letting that special someone know not to sell themselves short and get back with you.

You train these b****** not to open their mouth

You train these b****** not to open their mouth

DJ Traci Steele – “You train these b****** not to open their mouth.” This is a perfect line for women dealing with an annoying and disrespectful baby mama. This is not to say to the baby mama, but to the husband or boyfriend enabling the baby mama.

Your doors are always open for any b**ch

Your doors are always open for any b**ch

Joseline – “Your doors are always open for any b**ch.” This line is for all the great women that have to deal with those cheating A$$ dudes that just can’t say no to women that are really not worth their time. Ladies, this line is something that would probably indicate that you need to move on. (Men can be hoes too.)

Even Super Man needs a stunt double

Even Super Man needs a stunt double

Stevie J – “Even Super Man needs a stunt double.” I would like to tip my hat off to the man they call Stevie J. He has some of the best lines known to Love and Hip Hop history. Fellas, when you are feeling a little jealous just let your ex-lady know that it’s okay because he is nothing but a replacement.

I'm pregnant

I’m pregnant

Rasheedah – “I’m pregnant.” This is a great thing to say to a man when things are not going well between the two of you. (I am being sarcastic.) In all seriousness, this should be a blessing and a reason to celebrate in the right context. If you are in an ideal place in a relationship and you are in a good place, pregnancy should be celebrated. If your husband is not happy or at least acts depressed that is a major red light that something is wrong.

I don't talk to the help!

I don’t talk to the help!

Joseline Hernandez – “I don’t talk to the help!” This comment is great to us when you have someone around that is interfering with your relationship. It enables you to be the one in power. You are in control and you can dismiss the “riff raff”.

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