Missing in Action…Dominique Young of Making the Band 3

Name: Dominique (Making the Band)

Association: Bad Boy Records

Find Her: @DominiqueRenee_

When Sean Combs still had the “P” before Didd.y he was hustling to earn new revenue from reality television by "Making the Band." When his first attempt was mildly successful, he regrouped and planned to create a female supergroup. If you were like me, your money was on Dominique Young being selected for a spot; her vocal ability was superior to other contestants. Her gift of voice could not save her from getting the boot, but she did become a peoples champ.

After being voted off of Making the Band, Dominique was asked to join the Bad Boy family as a solo artist. She went into the studio to record songs, but nothing came to fruition so she returned to college to earn a degree in education.

Dominique was ready to move her career past reality TV, she recorded a demo project to shop to record labels. She generated interest from Ne-Yo, who co-wrote the song “Lonely Road” with Young. The project stalled when she did not receive financial backing, even though fans petitioned for a full album.

Dominique Young Making the Band 3 Kipp Teacher

Best way to see Dominique perform today is watching her YouTube, her latest cover on the page is Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War.” Right now she spends the majority of time as a seventh grade literature teacher rather than on stage.