69 Sexy Slow Jams To Use If You Have ABSOLUTELY NO GAME (Male Edition)

Well, this is the deal. I am going to tell you exactly how to get things right with the ladies or vice versa. It takes a great ambience, the right words, candles, roses and all that stuff. But we are not talking about those things… we are talking about setting the mood. We are at the home of R&B, Singersroom.com so for all those "RoomMates" (Singersroom readers) that want the right songs to play here we go. People are always arguing who are the best R&B artists. Being the greatest singer-songwriter is fantastic, but if you can’t help to aid in a bump and grind session you might lose a couple points. All the greats had amazing sexy slow jams that just made you want to "Turn Off The Light" and get some "Sexual Healing." These slow jams brought you closer, it made you "Adore" and it made you want to be a lover. Before we share the top secret list of sexy slow jams for those that lack the game, here are some criteria for a great sexy slow jam.

Seductive Lyrics – The lyrics have to speak to you. You shouldn't have to say a word. All of these songs speak and give you the opportunity to just feel and be felt.

Mood Maker – The music not only has to have amazing lyrics that explain exactly how you feel or what you want to do, but it should set the mood. There are classic slow jams that just give you that mood and put you in a specific space.

Timeless – The song should be something that could be played now and for the next thirty years. We are still enjoying the smooth grooves of Teddy, Marvin, Smoky, Eddie Kendricks and The Whispers. It has to be something that a cougar and a young tenderoni can enjoy and feel. It is all about a universal feeling.

Putting slow jams in an order would be ridiculous so we just are going to mix it up and give you the best.

Regardless of the occasion, these songs are a guaranteed way to get that special someone in the mood. This list is a testament to the power of music and how it can make you feel no matter where you are or what you are doing. Just make sure you don’t mess it up by saying too much or making the wrong moves.

Good luck!!! (Thank/hate me Twitter @deyior/ Instagram @deyiorshomme later lol)

There are probably some songs that you may have found useful. Please share your sexy slow jams with us in the comment box.

Stay tuned for the female version of the list coming soon.

Tweet your suggestions for the female edition and some male songs you think should have made the list @singersroom with the hash #SingersroomSlowJams.

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