Nicki Minaj Plans To Go Back To Hip-Hop Roots on Next Album, Clears Air With Hot 97

If you thought Nicki Minaj abandoned her hip hop sound with Pink Friday, don’t worry; the diva emcee now says she’ll be returning to her hip-hop roots on her next LP.

With her pop songs such as “Starships” blowing up everywhere, and her role as judge on “American Idol” pushing her more into the mainstream, it’s easy to forget she was once rapping in project stairwells and featured on gritty mixtapes when Lil Wayne discovered her. But the pint-sized rapper told Hot 97 that it’s her personal choice to go back to the sound that had the streets buzzing.

"If I really wanted to right now, I could go back in and make another pop song like ['Starships'] to sell all this stuff, and I'm choosing not to do it," the hip-hop star told Peter Rosenberg and the rest of the hosts. "I'm choosing to get back to my essence and just feed the core hip-hop fan."

Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg was one of the main voices who bashed Minaj’s hit “Starships,” causing her to pull out of performing at Hot 97’s famous annual summer concert jam last year, but the two made up on the air. "I never found you funny. I never found you entertaining. I never found you smart. I just found you annoying," Minaj told Rosenberg. "In hindsight… I should've just did the show," Nicki admitted to listeners, the two eventually burying the hatchet the the interview's end.

Are you looking forward to the return of Minaj's hip-hop sound?