5 Reasons We Have Respect For The Dream

The Dream is a dope, slick wordsmith that rocks over a beat and makes songs that have substance as well as that raw bounce. He has always been a well respected artist that has done a lot to change the sound of R&B. He has been important in molding his career and countless others which have been part of the Pop and R&B music make up. The Dream has created songs like "Dope B****," "Falsetto" and "Rockin' That Thang," for the people that just want to hear and feel a dope song. He has been trendsetting throughout the decade and it doesn't look like it will stop.

The Dream is also known for co-writing chart topping hits such as "Baby" for Justin Bieber, "Umbrella" for Rihanna, "Me Against the Music" for Britney Spears and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" for Beyoncé, as well as creating three solo albums called, Love Hate, Love vs. Money, and Love King. He has been in many causes under rated and here are a couple reasons that may make you rethink before you just dismiss “The American Dream” … if you know what I.

I’ve been producing and songwriting for so many years…since 1996. The things I write for B or Rihanna is what I do. If you say I can’t write music you lost your f****** mind. I’m severely underrated. They know what my girlfriend is before they know the 85 million songs I’ve wrote.
-The American Dream

It takes a “village” to create a smash hit. You need songwriters, engineers, and producers etc. to give it that magic it needs. The Dream has been in the background and it is interesting to see how someone that has thrived in the background to develop others has been also able to be a valuable artist as well. Big up to artists like The Dream and Ne-Yo for being able to balance both worlds.

It was all a dream …

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