Kanye Debuts New Single ‘New Slaves’ Via Worldwide Projections (Video)

Kanye brings the creativity once again! The groundbreaking rapper debuted his new single “New Slaves” last night (May 17) via his face across 66 buildings at 10 locations around the world on projectors. On his website is a map of all 10 locations the song/projection show took place.

At each location, Kanye’s face is projected on the side of a building as he raps along to the song which touches on the subject matter of being slaves, to corporations and otherwise.

Ye will perform more material when he’ll provide the entertainment on SNL tonight (May 18).

June 18 is the date Kanye’s new LP is expected to arrive.

Check out what Ye’s has up his sleeve for the new era of his music at the New York location of the "New Slaves" song debut: