5 Reasons Miguel is Starting to Remind Us of Mr. Marvin Gaye

Miguel in many respects is a new artist, especially when you talk about him in relation to a legend such as Marvin Gaye. This comparison is not to dilute the legacy of the great Mr. Marvin Gaye … it is more to inspire and show how his influence has spawned new extraordinary talent that gives us hope for the future. Now the young Miguel is heating up on the charts, radio and stages throughout the country and world. It is the feeling and sensuality that fills his voice, which can be compared to that of Mr. Marvin Gaye.

Mr. Marvin is a legend and will always be just that. However, Miguel is growing and is giving us something with feeling to listen to. There are definitely similarities and of course differences. But all in all, these artists were and still are passionate about their craft. We enjoy their music and it has been and will be a soundtrack for our lives. Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of famer are two accomplishments that Miguel has yet to reach. However, as he reaches our hearts and produces more material, we will see if he has what it takes to be…!

Check out five reasons why Miguel is starting to remind us of Mr. Marvin…

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