Teedra Moses Talks Her Type Of Man, Being A Rock Star, Baby Daddy, More

The Lioness aka Teedra Moses is back after almost a decade with her highly anticipated sophmore album entitled, “The Empress New Collection,” which drops June 25th. Moses has not released an album since her 2004 debut "Complex Simplicity," which many feel was one of the most underrated albums of the new millinium. Despite her trials and tribulations, Moses has always been a rock star and is ready to share her rock star powers with the world through her new project. I had the distinct pleasure of talking to Teedra about everything from her Maybach Music ties, failed relationships, love, what a man should be, and being an amazing mother. Check this interview out for the musician, but more so the women we call Teedra Moses.

Maybach Music Group & I … It was never an official signing with me and MMG. Ross seemed cool and he was courting the situation. I sang on some records and we continued to court it, but nothing official ever came about. He started saying I was a part of MMG, but it was never solidified. Nothing bad happened it just never came together. I’m a person that tries my best to pray and follow what God wants me to do. Some people could and would make me famous and could give me other things. There are people that would put in the effort, but I want to stand on something … a movement. I want to stand for the idea that love, dreams and life is possible. I do some negative things, but my heart is always coming from a positive place. Whatever God has planned for me, it will come to fruition. I will f*** with MMG forever. Ross spoke my praises to a lot of people and I will forever be grateful for that. He helped to open a lot of doors for me. I am on a path to follow God and he will take me where I need to go. My heart does not desire fame, but if it has to happen then I will be famous. But more than anything I have a strong desire for people to hear my words and voice!

A Unique Female Perspective … My fans know that I have been putting out music. I have been introducing new music to my fans since my last album, “Complex Simplicity”. I am offering my perspective, which is the same as a lot of ladies like me. They are usually like “wow someone else gets it from my point of view!” I speak from a perspective of a woman that is usually not represented. People that f*** with it will f***. I’m not sure what “she” looks like… physically. They are not based on a look but rather a mentality. She understands her self worth, but is not bourgeois and all high and mighty. She is not all in the clouds. They are confident and can deal with everyday issues. I always think from that women’s point of view.

Moving On … I’m not trying to be anything like a man. I’m a single mom with an inactive father. I’m a woman in business that doesn’t have a lot of partners that make decisions. I have to be strong. The pool of men is dry. It’s as dry as the pools that 15 year old boys skate on in Cali… empty! I’m not stressed, but it’s insane that I don’t date or have a man. It’s been 11 YEARS and a long time since I have been INTIMATE. My twin's father (rapper Ras Kass) was very smart. He was so intelligent and taught me a lot. He made it hard for these other men.

Independent Women … It creates a huge problem when it comes to being single. As a woman that is comfortable single, and self sufficient, there is no one to answer to or look up to. There is no one to lean on. I don’t have that type of person that takes care of things for me in my business or my personal life. I am a woman that would like to have someone to lean on, feel safe with and feel protected by. You just get a lot of the b**** n*&&*s because a lot of the real men have been taken. If you are not just looking for money and fame it’s hard to find a good man. If you are just looking for a real good man to love its hard. I just really want to love. I want to be submissive. I don’t want to be the boss. We as women want someone to be the boss. I would love my position to be to follow. I want to feel like I can take my guard down and let him lead me. But I’m not going to follow you if you do not know where you’re going. If you are not following God then where are you going? Around the world men are expected to provide and protect. Society can flip it as many ways as they want to, but someone is going to be the protector and the other the provider.

Boss B**ch … Some women want to be bossy. I’m not knocking the way people do it, but for me, I want a man to be the leader. I would like a man to be comfortable in his character especially because I know my place.

Battle of the Sexes … I’m very no nonsense and I usually don’t date younger dudes, but you never know where you’re going to get your blessings from. However, I started talking to a younger guy. We talked on the phone and had some cool conversations. We were supposed to hang out but I started to feel like there was a bit of a challenge developing between the two of us. It was like a challenge that would be between two men. I can be real quick, funny and witty so sometimes guys get kind of intimidated by that. I don’t say things to be mean, but just to make people laugh. But I get turned off when a man tries to battle with me like I am a man. I need a man to see me as a woman.

Compromise vs. Change … It’s easy for women that will change who they are just to be with someone. If they like white girls they bleach their skin and get blond hair. Not saying I wouldn’t compromise, but I am still going to be me.

Being Me … I can't give advice because I don’t date like that. When it comes to relationships you have to be comfortable within yourself. Some women go and compromise for someone they fall in love with but then go back to being themselves when they get them. So the guy really does not know who you really are and you can’t keep him. You have to be who you are. I am myself from the beginning.

Rock Star … I am a rock star … I was born that way. If you are a rock star it is in you. You just cultivate it as you grow. No one can make you a rock star. Some people are rock stars that will never be superstars. Some people are rock stars and they don’t even do music. They may not do music but they have that thing.

Shy … I’ve always been very shy. I’m still very shy. If I don’t really know you I’m not going to put myself out there until I feel you out. If I know you I’m on ten! People can be $***ty. I don’t have the heart, mind or soul to hurt anyone and if I did it wasn’t intentional. Some people don’t care about other people and their feelings. That is what makes me shy. If I can look in your eyes, hear you talking and feel that this person won’t hurt me then I’m good. I’m nice. I’m blind, but I’m always cautious of people.

Mother My I … Being a mother is a lot easier since they are older. I didn’t start singing to be a star. I did it so I can go take care of my kids. Their father was the main provider; he took every thing when he left. I’m proud to be a quitter. I am a quitter because I seek out the things that are good in life and leave what is not. I’m all about pleasure. So when I realized I needed to do something for money I wanted to do something that made my soul and spirit feel good. I decided to start doing music. Nothing is more important then my kids. So when I am on the road for a month they understand because I am the soul provider. It was easier for them when we lived in LA because we had more family opposed to MIA, but they are enjoying being bachelors nonetheless. They can enjoy themselves and have friends over, but no getting “busy” in my house. I can tell them to protect themselves but I can’t stop them from having sex… just don’t do it under my roof! I rather you have it somewhere with sand up you’re a$$.

Put You On Game … I’m going to put them on game because I can read people. I will in a nice way and let them know what they are dealing with. But don’t bring them until they are ready to get married. I feel bad for them with relationships because they never have seen one. They never have seen dynamics of a man and woman. I’m mom, I dictate the relationship of man and woman. I’ll always be there for them … they are what gives me balance; I got pregnant when I was 19. I just can’t let them down. God selected me to be a vessel for these two young men.

Makes Me Happy … I like writing, recording and listening to new music. It makes me happy to see a couple holding hands and all googgly eyed. It just makes me happy when I see other people happy.

Soulful … This dude put the auto tune on … it took away the feeling of my voice. Producers just loop sounds … it doesn’t have the same feel as live instrumentation. It’s the soul that’s missing. Soul can be in any kind of music. I listen to rock music and they actually play on the album. It’s just not some loops or sounds. It has soul and it is true emotion.

That Feeling … Music is missing that feeling. Not all music, but some of it tends to miss feeling. You could feel Marvin Gaye’s emotion. He felt it so you felt it. It wasn’t about punching every line. There was an imperfection that made it real and gave it that emotion.

New Face of Music … Miguel is awesome. Janelle Monae and BJ the Chicago Kid are dope. I like a lot of people. There are musicians still doing it!

On The Music Tip … I don’t think music is in a bad place. I think the music people are putting their money behind is failing. What people are choosing now is good music. I think it’s a great time because its been so f**ked up that it could only get better.

Legacy … I want my legacy to be that I was consistent. If I was your friend I was your f**king friend. I made true music and every song was of quality. It is not about quantity with me. Who cares if you put out a bunch of Shit? I want my legacy to be one of honesty and consistency. I want it to be that I was a great mother that took care of my children. I want my tombstone to say “That Bitch Did That”.

The ever beautiful and talented Teedra Moses has been through so much, but always has a positive word to say and an amazing song to sing. Let’s see what the empress has in store with her new collection.

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