Snoop Lion Pays Tax Debt, Reveals He Used to Be a Pimp

Snoop Dogg is proving he's a changed man, less of a "dog," more of a majestic lion with his new moniker Snoop Lion, as well as through his revelations and actions. The rapper turned reggae artist shows his maturity by recently paying off his tax lien and revealing a secretive (but not so surprising) event from his past.

It was reported in February that Snoop owed the feds $546,270 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2011. But Hip Hop Wired is reporting that the rapper has paid off that debt and is no longer at risk for jail time.

Along with freeing himself from financial chains, Snoop reveals to Rolling Stone magazine that he as a changed man by telling some details of his past as Snoop Dogg; that he actually used to be a pimp because he, in fact, did market out women to athletes and entertainers, despite his marriage to Shante Broadus with whom he has three children with.

"I put an organization together," he tells editor Jonah Weiner. "I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten bitches on it. I could fire a bitch, f–k a bitch, get a new ho: It was my program. City to city, titty to titty, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer."

He reveals he never entered the business for the money, more for the power of it all. "I'd act like I'd take the money from the bitch, but I'd let her have it. It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp … As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and bitches to match. I said, 'F–k it — I'm finna do it."

About his wife’s role in his pimp days, he says she had to take a backseat. "I love her to this day because she coulda shook out on a n—a, but she stayed in my corner. So when I decided to let it go, she was still there."

She’s definitely a good one.