Ray J Talks ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’: ‘It’s Out of Control’

"I Hit It First" singer/songwriter Ray J will appear as host of "Bad Girls All Star Battle" in just over a week.

Explaining his decision to return to reality TV, as a host (sans "For The Love of Ray J"), Ray J felt like "Bad Girls Club…" was a "perfect match."

"I’ve always been a big fan of Bad Girls Club. I’ve also been in a similar situation where I’ve been in a house with a lot of beautiful women [in For the Love of Ray J], and I felt like I could understand the emotions and the challenges. And I thought I would be a perfect match to host the show and keep everything alive," Ray J told Oxygen in a recent interview. "My lifestyle is a bit in an edgy world, it fits the profile. I like bad girls – girls who are bad, in a good way. My life is a roller coaster ride, and so is the Bad Girls Club. I like that side of a woman, but I like a woman who knows how to control it."

Looking back at the season, which he has been busy taping for weeks, Ray J says fans of the "Bad Girls Club" franchise can expect emotional, intense and out of control moments.

"There are so many dynamics to the show. It’s out of control. It’s emotional, it’s intense, I think they should really look forward to the challenges," says Ray J. "The challenges are really hard to do. I don’t think they’re expecting it. I think some of the Bad Girls thought it was gonna be easy, and it’s real tough. People are gonna be shocked and excited to push these girls to the limit."

"Bad Girls All Star Battle" premieres Tuesday, May 21 at 9/8c on Oxygen.