Emeli Sandé Talks Fame, Building Fan Base, Working With Kendrick, Next LP, More

Emeli Sandé, the English-born Scottish recording artist, has the kind of voice a hardened criminal would sneak out his jail cell to listen to. She's is as educated as she is talented. Sandé went to medical school at the University of Glasgow, but didn’t finish her fourth year after her music career took off. She has written songs for Alicia Keys and Rihanna and she is currently the reigning album sales champion in the UK (2012). Check out what Em has going on as her career continues to expand.

Handling all the fame and popularity: I'm enjoying it; I’m having fun being able to tour around Europe. Everything is different; I’m missing not having time fore writing, but otherwise from that I’m just happy the hard work keeps creating opportunities.

Touring and building fan base: Live music is such a big part of what I do, when people listen to the CD that’s great, but I think you can really have a completely different connection if it’s coming to you live. I really enjoy building my fan base up like that. I feel like some fans will be with you longer because of that special connection.

View on where soul music is today: It’s having a real revival. A lot of artists, people like Amy Winehouse and Adele, especially in the UK, soul music has really inspired the generation that’s bringing it back to the mainstream. I’m quite excited about where it’s gonna go next, I think at the moment it’s getting very lyrical, which I think is a fantastic thing. People like Miguel and Frank Ocean are really paying such attention to the lyric and that’s a great thing for soul music and R&B as a whole.

Collaborating with Kendrick Lamar on the remix of “Next to me”: I’m a huge fan of Kendrick, I just think he’s so different from anything that’s out, so truthful; an incredible artist. I was excited for him as an artist; so to have the opportunity to work with him on “Next to Me” was perfect.

Other artists on the radar: I would love to work with Frank Ocean; I think he’s brilliant and very exciting as an artist.

Working on “Here It Comes” from the Trance Soundtrack: Writing for films is something I definitely always wanted to do. I worked with Danny Boyle at the Olympics and he asked me to come and work with him and Rick (Smith) again for the movie. I went and saw the film, and Rick sent me the music over; I was just very excited to be involved in a film project. Working with Danny and Rick again was a no brainer.

Listen to "Here It Comes" here

Upcoming sophomore LP: I’ve been doing some writing on the road, but I don’t know if it’s for the second album. I think I need some real thinking time to really start putting together the sound and what I want to do. I really want to capture some raw elements, but concept-wise nothing is currently planned or thought about.

Thriving music career and a new husband…plans for babies: No plans for children at the moment, that’s definitely something very far away.

Being on the road away from Hubby: We try and see each other as much as possible and spend as much time together as we can.

Style Motivation: I get bored quite quickly so I like changing things up and feeling very indivisible. I usually get inspired by people on the street, I don’t really pay much attention to fashion, it’s more about how I feel and the image I want to portray on stage. I want to feel very strong and expressive. London is a great place to develop your style and kind of experiment with it

Three wishes:

1. I would wish for my family to be safe, healthy and happy.

2. I would wish the music industry celebrated and put people that deserve to be on a platform there. There are so many talented people with so much to say, but all the doors are closed to them for some reason, so I wish the music industry was more reflective of the talent that’s out there.

3. That I continue making music and enjoy and be happy with it.

Em and I closed with a laugh because of her modest wishes, when most people would wish for money or so forth. Keep an ear out for this super talented woman.

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