Nicki Minaj: ‘I Refuse To Blow Smoke’ on ‘American Idol’

Nicki Minaj will continue to tell the truth whether you like it or not. Following the elimination of Lazaro Arbos on "American Idol" last week, Minaj said it is her job to tell contestants the truth, delivering a raw and honest opinion because they are like family.

"They are family to me, I feel like I'm not doing them a service if I blow smoke up their ass. I refuse to do that," Minaj shared Thursday.

As seen on "American Idol" in recent weeks, Minaj got straight to the point with many contestants and even told a few to get off the stage.

Even though Burnell Taylor was one of those that she told to get off the stage, after a sloppy group performance, she says her tears for him were real.

"Not only did he have a beautiful story, but he had such a unique voice and a unique spirit. Those tears were real for Burnell," Minaj said of the night he was eliminated from the competition.

"American Idol" continues Wednesday night as the top 5 perform for a chance to move one step closer to winning the 'Idol' title.