Kanye West Being Sued Over ‘Gold Digger’ Sample

Music copyrights lawsuits are getting a tad bit out of hand.

The latest in sampling drama is aimed at Kanye West for his 2005 hit “Gold Digger.” The children of David Pryor, who wrote and sang “Bumpin' Bus Stop” for his band Thunder & Lightening, are coming at the rapper, claiming he used a portion of their father's 1974 song.

According to TMZ, Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor say that approximately 12 seconds into “Bumpin’ Bus Stop,” David Pryor says “get down,” which is sampled continuously throughout the hook of “Gold Digger” as it’s echoed three times after Kanye says “Go head girl, go head get down.”

Along with suing for damages and royalties, the siblings also want to stop the eight-year-old song from being sold.

Listen to each song below. Do you think the lawsuit’s conditions equal what was sampled?