Kandi Talks ‘The Kandi Factory’ Premiere, Singing Competitions

Singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss is excited about the launch of the new Bravo series "The Kandi Factory."

Due to premiere Tuesday night at 10 p.m, the series will follow her and her team as they attempt to mold aspiring recording artists into viable performers.

Speaking of the show in a recent interview, Kandi said what really makes "The Kandi Factory" stand apart, from other reality singing competitions, is the fact that music is tailor made for each contestant. There are no cover songs and you also get to see the actual artist development process.

"Our show has all original songs. All of the songs were written specifically for that contestant. There are no cover tunes on our show. You will not get that," she shared with The Biz With D Show. "Obviously I'm a writer and I wanted to showcase that side of it. On our show it's mostly about the whole artist development process. I think people totally forget about that. They just want to become a star overnight. So we show you the behind of scenes of what it takes to get there."

Working with talent from all different walks of life, Kandi says viewers will hear a number of genres, not just R&B or Pop.

"It's kind of cool because we do all genres of music this season," said Kandi.

"The Kandi Factory" premieres Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on Bravo.