Carl Thomas Talks Maturity on New EP, False Personas, Performing, and More

Many know Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Carl Thomas as Diddy's former protegee on Bad Boy records or for his number one hit, "I Wish" in 2000. Thomas, the Aurora native, recorded several hits in the early 2000's: "Can't Believe," "Supastar," "2 Pieces," "Cold, Cold World" "Summer Rain," "She Is ft LL Cool J," "Make it Alright," and "Don't Kiss Me ft Snoop Dogg." But, at the height of his career in 2005, Thomas walked away from the business because of his brother's murder and falling out of love with the industry. However, Thomas realized he was supposed to be affiliated with the industry with the help of record producer Mike City and his love for music. Now, on a new record label, Verve Music Group, Thomas wants his fans to know that, "He's Back," and ready to face the music.

Performing On Stage for his Fans at S.O.Bs: I love performing on stage for my fans. It feels so good to know that fans appreciate your music still after a long period of time. So, tonight they will hear those Carl Thomas records they love the most. Yes, the hits because at the end of the day, it's about my fans and what they want. I just thank them so much!

Life After Bad Boy Records: I didn't leave Bad Boy because of financial reasons, that wasn't even the situation, so ignore the rumors. I left the industry after still grieving over my brother's death at the time. I was conflicted on being the artist that everyone wanted me to be, a lack of promotion for my second album, Let's Talk About It, and didn't enjoy the business anymore. Puff and I weren't seeing eye to eye because of personal and creative differences. But, there's no tension among Puff and myself. If Puff didn't give me a chance, my career wouldn't be where it is now. I appreciate everything that he has done for me. I was going from venue to venue and Puff was the one that recognized my talent at a nightclub in New York. And he signed me because he believed in me as a singer; he thought I can be apart of his vision for the label. I've learned so much from Bad Boy and it was good while it lasted.

Upcoming Projects: I'm working on 6 track EP, Carl Thomas: Begging After Midnight. The first single from the EP is "Hold On." The concept behind the EP is to show my fans how much I've grown and matured as an artist. It's six love ballads on the EP that represents a raw and inclusive sound of my work. I'm letting my fans know that music hasn't left me and it's definitely an EP that they would enjoy and understand the message.

Being Successful In the Industry: My definition of being successful is making a connection with your fans through your music. It's not about the money for me because it can only get you so far. Artists are so engulfed in the music industry that they don't take the time to educate themselves, instead of focusing on the glitz of the industry. You can't be fixated on irrelevant things because fans will eventually look pass your false persona. I can say I've been successful in this business because of my faith in God, staying true to myself, and constant prayer.