Jaime Foxx Portrays Obama-esque Character in ‘White House Down’ (Trailer)

He went from playing a slave in Django to president in the upcoming film White House Down.

Jamie Foxx tackles the role of Commander-In-Chief in his latest film White House Down, a thriller along the lines of Die Hard and Independence Day that sees the nation’s capital facing an attack, much like Olympus Has Fallen (which has grossed $30.5 million thus far).

Directed by Roland Emmerich, Foxx, plays President James Sawyer, and Channing Tatum plays a police officer named John Cale who helps fight off domestic terrorists to save the president and many historic monuments.

Even though Jaime is playing the leader of the free world as an African American man, he says the you won’t see many Obama parallels. “I am not doing an impression of Obama,” he said. “Although certain times I do Obama-type things.”

"White House Down" will be in theaters June 28.

Check the trailer below: