KO McCoy Talks No Music Formula, Beauty Being a Gift & a Curse, Giving Men Ultimatums, More

It’s hard finding beautiful and talented artists that are cool and also humble as KO McCoy. This Nashville, TN songstress is all of the above and has a way with music and the people. Check her out gor yourself.

Finding The Formula … I don’t think there is a formula for making music personally. I think it’s just something you feel. If I hear something and can feel it I will come up with something within the first five seconds.

Rebel without a Cause … I was really rebellious growing up. I have been singing since I could talk. I was modeling since six or seven and my mother would always list that I could sing on any paperwork that was given. I never pursued it until later.

Birth of A Singer … At the age of 16 in high school I got into music. A guy randomly came up to me and said, “Can you sing … you look like you can sing”. He was a rapper. It was random how it happened and I’ve been singing ever since.

Beauty Is A Beast … Being attractive can be a blessing and a curse. I think in life it can help and it can hurt you. People automatically think that you are not smart because you are attractive. They feel like you are not willing to work or learn anything. It’s just one of those things. It’s like when someone walks into a room but they already have an idea of what you are about. We are always being tested. I look Mexican so people come up to me speaking Spanish. I’m from Nashville so they are confused and say where are you from? Maybe its because of my look and the fact that I don’t have an accent.

Food Glorious Food … I like Italian food like ziti and lasagna. I’m tired of the soul food. But you know when you are in the industry you have to eat right.

Burning in the Kitchen … I throw down in the kitchen. I can make a mean lasagna. I like to cook for my friends I love to make baked fish. I make some bomb baked fish.

Reaching The Top … Being content is going to be hard for me because even if I’m on Beyonce's level, I’m always going to want to push myself. I want to have 22 Grammy’s and be in 5 movies.

Love Lessons … It depends where I was in my life. But where I am now I pretty much know that as a human you’re going to get hurt. I look at people as a blessing or a listen.

Rewind … I would not rewind anything in my life. Nothing at all! Even the darkest time of my life I would never take it back. It helped me to be strong. If it wasn’t for those dark days I would be weak.

Signs of Me … I am a Pisces so I’m a very special person. I am still finding myself and you have to read between the lines with me. I try to be a champion spiritually, physically and in anything I do. I’m going to be the greatest. I want to be the artist that leaves you shivering.

Working It Out … Working out is a love hate thing, but I love doing it. I like working out my legs. I always have a partner. I think working with a guy helps because they make me work hard and I make them work harder. I like going to the room no one is in so I can focus.

Curiosity Killed The Cat … I’m nosy as hell. LOL!!! I’m a private investigator lol. I’m going to know your 45 friends that you follow and how you know them. I’m going to know how close you are to them especially if we are together. In a relationship you need to know your stuff and do your research.

Crazy is as Crazy Does … Everyone is crazy, but you got to watch the ones that are psycho.

Social Not-working … It’s crazy because where I’m at in my career I still feel normal. I feel like I’m still with the people. Just recently I had a little stalker situation due to Facebook. I had my phone number on my page. This guy started sending inappropriate pictures to my phone and telling me that he was going to be with me. That made me kind of scared. I had my cousin and brother say they were my boyfriend but he didn’t care. Thank goodness he stopped. It’s very scary because you don’t expect it.

No Groupie Here … I was never someone that went crazy for celebrities. I had some friends that would go crazy, but I swear I was never like that.

Older Brother … I always was attracted to older men.

Those Special Days … I had a nice Valentine’s Day. I woke up to three dozen roses, I got Gucci, juicy perfume, 3.5 karate promise ring. I'll give him his credit it was a little blush.

My taste … I think that’s where women go wrong. I honestly never looked for someone based on looks. I give anyone a chance. I never have been stuck on looks. I have dated a hood, a gangsta, pretty boy and even nerd. I don’t like pretty boys. If you take longer then I do in the mirror I can't deal with you.

Hometown … Nashville gets hot and cold as hell. You get all the seasons, but have the feel of a southern state.

Clique, Clique & Clique … As of right now I wouldn’t join a female group. I’ve had a bad experience with a group. In a group everyone is not going to agree. You have to prepare yourself to be a strong person. Groups can be like cliques in high school.

Women to Women … That’s why there are not a lot of successful women because they don’t want to see the next woman in a good position.

Just Successful … Success for me is never fulfilled. You always dream and want to grind more. You never need to get comfortable in your life. If you don’t work you don’t eat.

Goals … One of my goals is to work with Tyler Perry

Making A Man Act Right … Sometimes we have to give men an ultimatum. I'm just not going to be in relationship if I’m not working towards getting married. I think that’s what a lot of women should do. They should do things the old fashion way. They should have some morals and value themselves. But men give attention to the big booty girl rather then the girl talking about God.

Music – 80’s 90’s
Gift – B.M.W. from my boo.
Sport – Football
Dance – Bank Head Bounce
Trips – Miami
Candy – Ice Cream; Heath Blizzard
Movie – Anything Tyler Perry does. Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Club – Live with DJ Stevie J.
Hobby – Working out & meditating
Restaurant – Café Cocoa