Gucci Mane Turns Himself In For Club Assault

This Morning (March 27), rapper Gucci Mane (Radric Davis) turned himself in to authorities after having a warrant out for his arrest since Friday (March 22) after allegedly hitting a fan over the head with a champagne bottle on March 15 while at the Harlem Nights Club in Downtown Atlanta. He is currently detained at the Fulton County Jail and is expected to make a court appearance today.

A second man also says he was assaulted by the rapper only a few days later on March 18th at a Philadelphia nightclub, claiming the rapper punched him in the face when he extended his hand for a handshake.

We haven’t heard Gucci’s side, so we don’t know if the fans did other things to upset the rapper. But still, you can’t just go around assaulting people all willy nilly!