Esnavi Talks Love, Pain, Soul In Music, Being a True Performer and More

Esnavi’s personality and skills as a singer/songwriter is just as colorful as her favorite colors. The turquoise, pink and purple songstress has a passionate conviction to bring feeling and soul back to the music we listen to. Singersroom had the pleasure of sitting down in Harlem to talk about her move to New York City, soul in music, love, pain and more. Check it out!

In The Beginning … I was in high school when I discovered I could actually sing. I grew up in a house of music lovers. My older brother was really into rap. It was like I woke up one day and I could sing. I liked the sound of my voice. I thought I had been touched with a natural gift. It wasn’t until I decided to actually move to NYC when it really began.

Big Lights Bright City … The journey was seamless. I came out to move with one person who was a producer from Milwaukee. I moved out to NYC so I could be available for opportunities. My brother and I drove one way from Milwaukee and I have been here ever since. I’m an outgoing, free spirited person so that helped me to get acclimated very easily in the city. The very first person I meet when I came to NYC was his friend that ended up being my ex-boyfriend. I meet people outside of his circle downstairs from my apartment which was a Jamaican club. I’m not a person that is scared to go to a restaurant or club myself. I have an appreciation for NYC because I am from Milwaukee. Sometimes native New Yorkers don’t really appreciate this city. They are so used to everything. If you’re born and raised here you don’t see the glitz or glam of the city. I have traveled a lot of places but no where compares to NYC. When I’m in other of cities I like the vibe but after a while I get bored and want to come back to NYC.

Harlem World … I’ve been living in Harlem. Funny thing is back then I didn’t realize that Harlem was part of Manhattan. I love it!

The Mission … My mission is to evoke emotion when people hear my music. I want to change people’s perspective on life and love. My music shows the good and bad side of love. I need people to feel me when they hear my music. I am a true singer and performer. I’m just lucky to have well received music and an album that people like.

Dumbfounded Noise … I definitely feel that music right now is in a dumbfounded state. A lot of music to me now is monotonous noise. It is just something to listen to but it doesn’t spark emotion. It doesn’t connect the person who is performing with the audience. I feel there is a disconnect with music and it is connected to the virtual cyber world we live in. People are more concerned with who is twitting you then the music itself.

“Soul” Music … I want to know who is listening to the music not about if I can play it in the club or just having a hot record. Who is going to listen to that “hot record” next year when the fade is over? People are still listening to music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even the early millennium … that’s what I call Soul music. Soul can be in rap music, country music … any music can be soul music when there are emotions involved. That is my mission to share my emotions. I’m not up there to have fun or to play … this is my craft. I take it serious! I’m not up there to look cute. I want the people to feel some chills in their bones or have a moment of joy if not its like I’m not doing my job. If someone doesn’t come up to me after the show and say they felt my music I didn’t do my job. If you don’t feel me I have no reason to do this. I feel if you are not adding to it you’re taking away.

What the People Want … I talked to this 9 year old and she said, “I don’t listen to music from the radio. I like listening to my grandmother’s music. It’s just better music.” There are alot of people that want to hear real music. I like how people from Europe and Japan appreciate music. They are not into superficiality when it comes to music. In America, they just want to sell you a product … it takes away from artistry. People win Grammy’s but it’s a popularity contest and about politics. I know dope artists that will always be underground. That is why I like Singersroom because you all actually expose your readers to real artists. There are so many artists that are real musicians. We support platforms like Singersroom.

Adele vs. Amy … Music will have to progress in a direction that has more meaning. I believe we are going in a progressive direction. It’s cool to make songs about drinking and clubbing but give me more! We need that good stuff. Adele sold more than any other artists because she has substance. She is singing about real issues. Her race probably plays a part in it but all and all she has songs with some real meaning behind them. Amy Winehouse was cool but I think Adele had little more depth to her music.

Music Is The Mood Changer … How many times have you been in a certain mood and you listened to a specific song that changed your mood? You could be feeling sad, happy or in love. Music is the one thing that makes you feel something. Music is so powerful and the people want to listen to something they can connect with. For example Lionel Richie is older but people still like listening to his music because it’s great music with emotion.

Love … Love is one of the few things that is real on earth. It’s such a powerful feeling and emotion. Love is a powerful passionate feeling about something or someone. If you truly love something then that love will never die. Everybody wants to be loved.

Crazy In Love … No, I don’t think you can be in love with more than one person because you are completely consumed. When you are engulfed in that love you don’t have a second to put a thought into some other person because you are so into that person you’re in a loving relationship with. It could be so deep that you can loss yourself. People will miss opportunities because they are in love.

I’m An Alien … I’m an alien and I’m here to safe the earth from the [musical] nonsense. lol I am a believer in truth and the obvious. It’s just one of those things. I’m a very loving person and I receive what I put out.

What hurts … The pain of a love not working out or not being what you want it to be can hurt? Just because you love someone for that moment doesn’t mean it will be forever. Sometimes that can hurt. You can love someone and want to be with them but it may not be a loving situation. Things people do can disappoint and cause the most painful things in love. Love can make you cry tears of joy and of pain. Love can hurt when you really want to be in a certain place or time with a person and can not. You can be in love with a person that is in a relationship or that you can’t be with. You may know that they are not right for you but you still love them. People say you can’t change a person but you may see more in the person then they see in themselves. It might hurt to think about how things could have been with that person you tried to make better. So when all is said and done you only have memories.

Hate … I don’t believe in hate.

Honesty vs. Mercy … I value honesty over mercy in a relationship. In a relationship I like to have an open dialogue. I like to be upfront and not have to hide anything. I don’t have time to play with someone. I don’t want to have to pretend. If I have to lie to you it’s not worth it and that’s a lot of work. I’m about enjoying life at the highest level.

Future Plans … I feel at some point in my life I could get into some sort of motivational speaking. I could talk on how people can make their lives better.
The music in its self speaks for itself you know what the persons is about what is that person about in the mind.

Singers Without A Purpose … If I listened to an artists that didn’t know why they were singing for I wouldn’t listen to them.

Influences … My influences are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Prince, Sade, Lauryn Hill and Miles Davis.

Musical Love Child … If I was to have a musical love child it would be with Andre 3000. I would also have one with Nas and Marvin Gaye. Why not?

“I am getting this music to the masses.” – Esnavi

Esnavi has taken her talent from the Midwest to the big city of NYC. Her music is chicken soup for the soul and you have to get your bowl of that goodness.