David Otunga Talks Debut in ‘The Call,’ Love and Marrying Jennifer Hudson

David Otunga will be making his big screen debut in the anticipated thriller "The Call" next week. Starring alongside Morris Chesnut and Halle Berry, the lawyer turned reality star ("I Love New York") turned wrestler turned actor says acting and getting into Hollywood has always been his goal.

"Ever since I was young I had big dreams. I always wanted to get into Hollywood and really, into acting. Action movies was what I was always about," Otunga said in a recent interview, before admitting that he had to take his mother's advice first and obtain a college education.

"My mom told me you need to have a fall back career. She was like 'David, not everybody makes it in acting'. So I ended up going to school. I did really well at it and then I ended up at Harvard and was like wow, I can't turn that down so, I guess I should probably do this. So I went there, graduated and got a job at a top firm in Chicago and mom was so proud. I worked there for a year but it got to a point where I wanted more," Otunga shared with On radio.

In related news, David Otunga says plans are still in motion for him and Jennifer Hudson to get married.

"It's still coming up. We had somethings, personal, with the trial and all, that pushed it back, but it's still on track," said Otunga.

Happy in his relationship with Jennifer and being a father to his son, David Otunga Jr., he says he knows Jennifer Hudson really loves him because when they met, he was unemployed.

"How I really know she loves me is when she met me, I didn't have a job. I didn't have anything. I was this guy who was a lawyer, but I had left the firm and I was in between things. I wasn't with the WWE yet. I was just myself," he laughed.

"The Call" opens in theaters March 15.