L&HHNY: Men Falling For Those Crazy, Sexy & Cool Ladies

Every man claims to be thorough in his dealings with women. He’ll tell his boys how he doesn’t play this and he’s not going for that. It’s just a guy thing. (Well, I can’t say it’s just a guy thing because women talk tough and slick around their friends but let’s focus on the men.) Regardless of what people say behind closed doors, it might be a different subject. Even your hardest rappers and thugs can go soft behind closed doors as they gaze into hypnotic eyes and watch an amazing body parade around the bedroom. Attraction can be a drug. Beauty can be a beast and we all have fell victim to making questionable decisions when dealing with someone that you are overwhelmingly attracted to.

As we get immersed into the “reality world,” we seem to watch other people make decisions and we are very quick to judge.

Is that fair to judge people that are living right in front of our eyes?

How would we fare to the public if we were recorded as we made decisions dealing with our relationships, love and careers?

We’ve watched Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz make decisions when it comes to relationship, love and their careers. Sometimes the lines have gotten foggy and blurred, but they are doing the best that they can at that moment.

Rich Dollaz is put in a tight situation with his on and off again girlfriend and his business partner Peter Gunz. He knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but Erica Mena seems like she knows how to tempt a brother even though she has her moments of craziness. It’s that magic she possess that makes decisions kind of shaky. It seems like it will be hard to get rid of Erica regardless of her risky behavior. We can’t say what will happen, but what we do know is this beautiful lady is determined and has the assets to get what she wants.

Joe Budden seems to seesaw back and forth between Tahiry and his present girl Kaylin Garcia. It’s not that he is cheating, but he has ties with both parties and who could resist a little bit of Tahiry from time to time. Maybe some of the decisions that are made are blurred because of the connection. It seems that Tahiry will never completely be out the life of Joe Budden. We’ll have to see.

We want your opinion!

Is it hard to make clear decisions when you are extremely attracted to someone?

Do attractive individuals get away with "murder"?