‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross Recruits Nick Cannon for Portrayal in Upcoming Biopic (Video)

May not be the who you would expect to play "Freeway" Ricky Ross, but the former drug kingpin wants Nick Cannon to play him in an upcoming biopic, and judging from the video, the project looks to be moving ahead.

Freeway is diligently pushing the project. On his Facebook page, Ross updated his status with "It's time to tell the Story of C*caine, Contras and America. This is the story of the real Scarface!" In the clip, the two seem to be close (who knew?!), with Freeway stating they knew each other for 16 years. "I've wanted him to play my role since '96. We got hooked up, I met him I love his personality, know what I'm saying?" said Freeway.

Cannon's all in for the project. "We family now, we are going to get this thing right. However long it takes, his story has got to be told," he said.

Even though there's no concrete deadline, this may be Nick Cannon's break-out role, since it's so different from what people would expect. How do you feel about this casting choice?