5 Chocolate Girls We Are In Love With

What the hell you mean she’s pretty for a dark skinned girl. I should kick your @$$! Dark skin is gorgeous. It seems to melt and cascade along the skin… that dark tone is magical. It shines brighter then a diamond. We all know dark chocolate is tasty and its good for you. But why don’t we see more women in the forefront that have that dark tone. Is the world style color struck or are we still searching for the whitest black girl like Beyonce or the blackest white girl like Kim Kardashian. It seems people are looking the voluptuous bodies from the motherland but still are not in love with the dark tone. Here are five GORGEOUS ladies with enough chocolate to give you a toothache.

Regardless if you are light or dark you are still beautiful. But right now its all about the chocolate sisters. They deserve their time to shine and they should not be shoved in some girl group. We want to see them stand alone and represent.

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