About Face: Makeup Do’s & Don’t From Your Favorite Celebrities

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Ladies, sometimes we get carried away when applying makeup, which makes it so easy to walk out the house thinking we look like a Cover Girl, when in all actuality we resemble Lil Kim (A HOT MESS). Remember, make-up should be used as an enhancer, not a mask. When applying makeup, you do not necessarily have to follow the saying “less is best”, but you do want to make sure everything is balanced, and your eye shadow is not fighting with your lipstick.

How do you feel about the blue lipstick trend?

What are your suggestions when applying makeup?

Do apply Primer

Do apply Primer

Primer prevents the makeup from fading during the day. It also makes your foundation have a smoother more natural look, just look at Beyoncé, her foundation gives her a flawless natural look.

Don't just buy any under-eye concealer

Don’t just buy any under-eye concealer

Wearing concealer that is too light for your skin tone is a big no no, as Taraji is showing us in this picture. To get the best shade of concealer for your skin tone, you should apply a small amount to the back of your hand, and if it is too light for your hand then more than likely it will be too light for your face. If you are still unsure after trying this tip, go to your local cosmetic store and seek professional assistance.

Do apply mascara and eyeliner

Do apply mascara and eyeliner

Nicole Scherzinger knows exactly what it means to apply mascara and eyeliner. Her bold beautiful eyes stands out and looks very daring. This is the look you want to go for when wearing mascara and eyeliner, anything less and it’s pointless putting it on.

Don't follow every trend

Don’t follow every trend

What looks good on one person will not look good on everyone. Save the blue lipstick for Rihanna; it is NOT attractive and I know the men out there would agree with me. Also, it looks like you ate a blueberry Ring Pop that you couldn’t get enough of.

Do Match your lip liner with your lipstick

Do Match your lip liner with your lipstick

Matching your lip liner with your lipstick will give you a more full bolder lip. Aubrey O’day is giving her all with her red lushes lips; they are perfectly outlined and definitely stand out. When doing this, please do not forget to blend your lipstick and lip liner.

Don't try to make a statement with your eye shadow and lipstick

Don’t try to make a statement with your eye shadow and lipstick

You have to make a choice, do you want your eyes to stand out or your lips? Having both will only make you look like a Drag Queen.

Do Blend

Do Blend

Blending is very important whether its eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, blush; any form of makeup… DO NOT FORGET TO BLEND. No one should be able to see where one color application ended and another one started. Lil Kim is the perfect example; not only do she have on too much blush, but it is not blended correctly, blush should be lightly applied to highlight your cheekbones not slapped on your face.

Don't go to sleep with Makeup on

Don’t go to sleep with Makeup on

Sleeping with Makeup on will clog your pours causing acne. Using a makeup remover, then washing your face after will keep your skin clean and healthy.