Kanye West Ego Tripping or Just Speaking His Mind?

The ego is a hell of a drug. It might make you act crazier than someone on cocaine, ecstasy or even the new drug, Molly. It seems Kanye West has gone from the College Dropout to an ego addict. We love the music, but we need to bring our boy Kanye back to Planet Earth. There has to be a level of respect and accountability you have for your actions no matter who you are or what you do. Ladies and gentlemen, just check out this footage from London and tell us what you think.

Your boy is just screaming. What's going on???

I personally wonder what Kim said about this when she saw the footage. (Now baby (Kanye), we could have just made one of my home video me and Ray J made. That would have helped to get all that fustration out of you before the show.) lol

Here are a couple my favorite quotes I like from his little rant from another video below:

"I love white people, but I never won against a white person!" (We love white people too brother. We know it's Black History month, but do we have to make white people feel more worse then they already do for things from the past. C'mon son!)

I'm mutherfuckin Kanye West! (Yeah, the people at your concert forgot that you are Kanye. Kanye … relax. Maybe we'll get you a name tag.)

"I dont give a fuck what none of the presidents have to say!" (I don't think that Obama is worried about you. I think he is more worried about that fiscal cliff we are about to fall off of.)

"My knees hurt from being on this slanted stage!" (Maybe, you should do shows on a flat stage from now on.)

"Everyone thinks I am so crazy. Am I the only one who is not crazy?" (I don't know we might have to show you this footage when you cool off, Kanye. Then maybe you can answer that question on your own.)

"I just need this wrestling shit we call the music business to be evened out … fair!" (If the music industry is wrestling then who are you suppose to be? KoKo B Ware? The Rock? Junk Yard Dog? The Black Rivashing Rick Rude?)