No Regrets: Zoe Saldana Gives Nina Simone Biopic Update

Zoe Saldana has no regrets about starring in the forthcoming and somewhat controversial Nina Simone biopic.

Appearing on the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars Sunday, Saldana gave an update on the film with special red carpet pre-show co-host Kelly Rowland.

"I think "Four Women" and one of my favorites of all time, "Don't Smoke In Bed." I like the dark ones," Saldana said of her favorite Nina Simone songs.

Calling the filming experience "surreal," Saldana went on to say "She was amazing. It was a very surreal experience. Spiritual and intense. I honestly have no regrets and I honestly cannot wait until the film is done and ready to be shared with the world."

As widely reported, Zoe Saldana's casting had been met with much controversy last year. Originally Mary J. Blige was attached to the film, but it was later revealed that Saldana was deemed a better pick for the role, despite the fact that she is not known for singing and does not bare a striking resemblance to Simone.

Nonetheless, actor David Oyelowo ("Red Tails"), who appears in the recently wrapped movie, says Zoe Saldana's performance will likely surprise people.

"I think a lot of people are going to be surprised of the sheer power of her. She went to work. She is a huge admirer of Nina Simone and that crept into what she did," he shared with E! last week. "She wanted to tell the truth and every day we were on that set, that's what I saw. She did do her own singing. It was fantastic, surprisingly… I was pretty blown away".