Is Tim Vocals As R&B As Frank Ocean & Trey Songz?

Tim Vocals is a RAW and UNCUT artist from the MEAN streets of Harlem. People may feel he can be quit offensive but does that mean that he is not part of the R&B movement? We have Frank Ocean, Keyshia Cole, Beyonce, Usher, Trey Songz, Jesse Boykins III, PJ Morton, The Weeknd and even Adele on the Soul side which all represent different elements of this genre. This thing called R&B is extensive and very expressive. We can't discount anyone artist and say they are not R&B because they are all from the R&B family no matter how they choice to express it or even what kind of lifestyle they choice to lead. Can we afford to exclude our R&B family?

Harlem NYC (Omarion's MIA)

K in the trunK (Kirko Bangz's Drank In My Cup)

F**kin The Crew (The Weeknd's Crew Love)

A singer is a singer.

Do you feel Tim Vocals represents R&B? Let us know!