Fred The Godson Talks About Ghostwriting, Raising The Bar, The Tunnel & More

Fred The Godson must have been heaven sent with the supreme flows he spits for adoring fans. He has dug himself out of the streets of the Bronx into a staple artists in New York at a time when NYC has not been getting the shine other regions have. Fred The Godson has been holding the torch for the East Coast and now it is his time to shine. Fred The Godson had the chance to chop it up with Rappersroom about being a father, being a true emcee, the streets,

Ghostwriters … That’s the thing because the writer gets a deadline and their back is against the wall so that’s how some rappers end up getting some help from ghostwriters. They have to meet that deadline. It just depends. I know people that right themselves and I’m not going to put the person’s name out there but he has a ghostwriter. But the thing is they have written joints for each other. It’s almost like comparing it to steroid use in sports. Me being in the game and writing songs I know there are more songs being written for other emcees then you know.

The Pen Pusha … I want everyone to remember Fred for raising the bar and changing the game at a time when the producer reigned supreme. I want to be remembered as the cat from the Bronx that pushed the pen.

School & The Streets … I would have finished school … high school. You know the streets have a lot of distractions. You can get caught up in certain shit. Its easy for the normal person that got money to get through things like school but when you get older you start to develop into a man things get complicated.

Learning Experience … Everything is just a learning experience and it takes time. It’s so sweet when you go through all these different obstacles. You can look back and tell the people what you’ve been through.

Future Features … Some people that I would like to work with would be Kanye West, Hov, 50 Cent, Nas, Lil Wayne and Drake. I would like to work with all the people that get busy.

My Pops In The Tunnel … My pops was a bouncer at the Tunnel. It was a big influence on me with out me even knowing it the time. I was just a fan of Hip Hop at the time. My pop used to have a lot of exclusives back in the day from working at the Tunnel. Things like the “Reasonable Doubt” album were things they gave out. I became a big fan. I always looked forward to what he would bring home. It’s hard to replace a club like the Tunnel. It was a big thing for the culture. There will never be another Tunnel. The closest thing we have to the Tunnel is Amnesia. It’s hard to compete with a club that had five floors was able to have the first 1000 females free. You cant compete with something like that.

Back In The Day Things Were Exclusive … The difference from now and then was is the internet. The internet has a lot to do with what and how people listen to music. Back then you had to go get those exclusive tapes or go to the club and check these artists out. Back In The Day … Everything was exclusive back then. Now on the internet you can listen to everything from your computer. Everything is at your finger tips. I always saved $5 or $10 dollars for the new exclusive Fabolous exclusives.

New Rappers … For artists like me and other artist like ASAP Rocky we were able to benefit from the internet. That’s how niggas know about us. It hurts the cats that have been out. The internet when it comes to the industry itself has its pros and cons. It works for the new niggas because I have fans in places I have never been in and they love Fred. Me touring in Japan is because of the internet. I got to see Japan. It was crazy see how they live. The doors, the beds are all smaller. I’m in the hotel like what the fuck. LOL

90’s Rap Game … I listened to a lot of Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z. You had Snoop and Dre. That was the time where there was only a select few but everyone was doing their thing at that time.

Career vs. Being A Daddy …This industry and my career is crazy because it’s hard to balance. There is no regular time schedule. You can not clock in at 8 and clock out at 5. I have to go on club runs and do shows late at night. I come back from the studio late at night. When I get home my daughter is sleeping. I make it work though. When we are in the car she knows daddies voice.

Monique’s Room … Monique’s Room is just something that was needed that a lot of people were going though at the time. I wasn’t going through it knock on wood but a lot of people around me were. If you listen to the song he says he hates her but he really doesn’t it just hurts him so bad.

Yeah I Love The Strippers … Sin city in the Bronx has to be the best strip club. It’s the fact that it’s huge, great selection of girls and it’s in my hometown.

Time … I’m quiet. I’m a private person and I hate going out. I rather stay home and watch the game. I’m not big on signing and taking pictures. I don’t want to leave the crib all the time. I rather stay in the studio but my life is just a calendar filled with dates and times now. I’m a slave to my schedule.

Fred The Godson is part of the new movement in NYC. How has the NYC sound changed and who will hold the torch?