LA Reid Talks ‘X Factor’ Failure And Success, Cee Lo Green

Recent President's Merit Award winner and former reality singing competition judge L.A. Reid believes that shows like "X Factor," "American Idol" and "The Voice" can still produce stars.

Addressing the amount of shows out today, along with success stories and some failures with winners, Reid says there is "no exact science" when it comes to TV and talent.

"We've seen the show create stars and fail to create stars. It's not unlike all of the other platforms. We've seen artists go to No. 1 on the radio and not have a career, or the opposite. There is no exact science to what we do … whether you're auditioning for a TV talent show or putting out a garage demo … everything is a competition," Reid shared with "And there's no one way. And that's the beauty of this business. There is no blueprint. You have to find your own."

That said, Reid is a fan of Cee Lo Green, who he admires for creating his own lane and putting his unique brand out there via "The Voice."

"I have to say the one who's had the most surprising career has been Cee Lo [Green]. I signed Cee Lo with Goodie Mob and also put out his very first solo album on Arista. He's my friend. I always thought he was really talented and smart. I loved to hear him talk," Reid admits. "He's one of those guys when he came to my office, he spoke with such flair. It was one of those things that stuck in the back of my mind. "Damn, he's special … ." But I wondered what that meant. He found a way with "The Voice" to put himself on a platform for everyone to see how special he was as a performer. I just got back from Las Vegas with "Loberace" posters all over, which is Cee Lo. That's my kid. I'm proud of him."

As previously reported, L.A. Reid parted with "X Factor USA" at the end of season two (in December). Cee Lo Green also parted with "The Voice" in December.