5 Reasons Justin Timberlake is Ready To Rock Our World Again

After turning things up with the whole tittie malfunction with Janet Jackson… oh I mean wardrobe malfunction, Justin Timberlake just disappeared from the music scene, but now he is back. He is moving like he never skipped a beat, linking up with Jay-Z for his comeback single "Suit & Tie." Timberlake, has throughout his career, been able to reinvent himself time and time again. He danced, sang, and acted into his fans hearts since his days with the New Mickey Mouse Club and later ‘N Sync. (Don’t sleep on the Mickey Mouse Club. He was in the company of Chistina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears.) Nonetheless we missed Justin Timberlake and we are happy he is back. Here are a couple reasons we love Justin and want him to stick around:

How could God bless one person with so many talents? This cat can sing, dance, act, make people laugh and dress. Oh yeah and he has dated some of the hottest women in the industry before wedding Jessica Biel. You can't be mad about that!

Why do you love Justin Timberlake and do you think we are ready for his comeback?

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