Usher Unwinds In New ‘The Voice’ Video: ‘I Will Keep You Guessing’

Grammy Award winning R&B singer Usher is unwinding on the set of NBC's hit reality talent competition "The Voice." Opening up, sharing a few jokes and some very honest words, Usher sat down with Christina Milian for an interview discussing the upcoming fourth season recently.

With not only his success, but that of mentee Justin Bieber, to his credit, Usher is not holding back when it comes to helping aspiring recording artists — that includes calling them out on bullsh*t when he sees it and hears it.

"I'm an honest person. Two, I'm transparent. So if I feel some sh*t, I'm going to tell you exactly what it is. If it's not right, I'm going to say listen, you can do better. I know (because) I've seen you do better," Usher tells Milian in video below.

Alluding to some surprises during his first run on "The Voice," Usher promises "I will keep you guessing, alive and lit."

"The Voice" returns March 25 on NBC.