Will Kanye West’s New Project Be Called ‘Rich Black American?’

The net is in a frenzy about a picture of what looks to be a title and track listing for Kanye West’s next project, an album called Rich Black American. The source of the picture is unknown (lowering the photo’s legitimacy), but the song titles and collaborations seem to be something Ye would be working on: Pusha T, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Florence Welch, Skrillex and Big Sean are names in the track listing, and a song called “Perfect B*itch” is among the list.

However, these features could prove to be TOO perfect. Frank Ocean and Skrillex have previously stated they would be working on Yeezy’s’ next solo project, and West tweeted about the “Perfect B*tch” song in the past, saying that Kim Kardashian was the “perfect b*tch” and was his inspiration to write the tune. A hoaxer could easily take these bits of info and fabricate a playlist.

Plus, West isn’t exempt from being the topic of online hoaxes. Last fall, it was rumored that Def Jam created the domain blackamericanpsycho.com to promote Kanye West’s new album. Turned out to be a hoax when this message was posted on the site: “This website is in no way affiliated with Def Jam Records or Kanye West. The Black American Psycho title and the 10.23.2012 release date are fictitious. I apologise for misleading people, I did not expect the site to generate so much traffic and be taken seriously.”

So! We’ll just have to wait and hear from Kanye West’s camp to verify some info!