10 Acts Drake Should Add To His New Label

Drake has had a great run these past couple years – two critically acclaimed number one albums, countless successful singles, unforgettable features, and headlining one of 2012’s most successful hip-hop tours, the Club Paradise Tour. No matter your opinion on the music or the man, you have to admit Drake has made an impact. Utilizing this momentum, the Take Care rapper has made one of the biggest power moves as of yet in his career, recently inking a deal with Warner Bros. Records to start his very own label October’s Very Own (OVO).

Since news officially broke, there seems only one question on everyone’s mind – who will be signed to the OVO label? There’s a lot of pressure on Drake, as there would be for any new label head, especially having to compete with fellow rapper-music executives. How will his label hold up against the ranks of labels like Maybach Music Group (MMG), GOOD Music, and even the label he is currently signed to Young Money? One answer to that question lies in the aforementioned question of who Drake will sign to OVO. The stronger his artists the stronger his label. Taking a stab at who would best fit, Singersroom has compiled a list of 10 acts that would make a perfect fit for OVO.

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